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844 Prosperity Farms Rd
North Palm Beach, FL, 33408
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About Us

The “Kind Kitchen” is a 501c3 organization dedicated to doing kindness, to whomever, whenever.
The “Kind Kitchen” began simply in 1987 out of a small home kitchen and grew into a full size
operation. You would be surprised what just a few people can do because of their inner passion and
compassion for others.

A kind heart is everything.

You can change a person's life over the years with kindness.

At the “Kind Kitchen”, we are dedicated to providing people with homemade meals.

Meals for Anyone Who Needs Help!
A family member who is in the hospital
A mother who just had a baby
Someone who lost a loved one
Someone recovering from illness or surgery
Single moms who have difficulty cooking a homemade, healthy meal
Those dealing with any emotional, stressful, situation, etc.

We do not turn anyone away. In fact, we seek out the people who wouldn't otherwise ask for help. Our
organization is involved in hospital visitation, counseling, and children's programs, etc. Keeping open
ears and eyes helps us seek out the people who can use our help. We have created a name for helping
others; therefore, the “Kind Kitchen” was born.

As the community continues to grow, the “Kind Kitchen” expands.
Most of the food comes from individual's kindness and from local stores. We are in need of donations
to cover operating costs, supplies, and expansion. Please become a partner with us. Giving is truly a
meaningful, rewarding, and satisfying way to live. We would greatly appreciate your partnership in this
important, well needed project.